I'm Lukas, nice to meet you!

How I discovered the UX field
During a voluntary service at the Ferme de la Mhotte, I worked in a grocery store which used a clunky point of sale software. The employees struggled using it, so I offered to customize the user interface to their needs. As a result, the employees were able to register sales faster and the store owner thanked me for the improvements. This experience made me realize the potential of analyzing and optimizing user experiences.

My journey to UX research
After returning from France, I started a Bachelor's degree in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), where I learned the basics of programming, psychology, and design. An internship at SAP sparked my interest in UX research, which made me pursue a Master's degree in HCI at Georgia Tech. Working with amazing teams at Motorola Solutions, YouTube, and eBay has confirmed my passion for this job.

My mission
As technology becomes more prevalent, we should not have to struggle using it. Through UX research, I'm helping to make products work – for people from different cultures, ages, and abilities.

Lukas sitting on a rock high up on a mountain

Besides work, I enjoy being active outdoors, cooking new dishes, and nurturing my curiosity